New creative nonfiction, “On Black & White Photography & A Memory”

I have a new essay up at Luna Luna magazine on photography, time, and memory.



ESL tutoring & freelance editing services added to Canny Uncanny

Check out my new menu items where I offer the following services: ESL Tutoring and Editing & Proofreading!

Essay “Breakfast Host with an MFA”

Check out my latest essay/column available at

“Breakfast Host with an MFA,” Easy Street Magazine April 1, 2017

“Day of No Dead” published in Pleiades Magazine

My latest publication is the essay “Day of No Dead” now available in Issue 37.1 of Pleiades Magazine:


My hybrid essay “Day of No Dead” from the unpublished collection Counterbook: Fiction, Anti-Fiction & the In-Between has been accepted for publication in Pleiades. It will be coming out in January of 2017.

New erotic fiction

I have a newly published short fiction piece in Black Scat’s anthology, The New Urge Reader 2. It’s available at Amazon:

Essay “On Death, Dreams, and Memory” now published at Luna Luna Magazine

My personal essay, “On Death, Dreams, and Memory,” is now available to read at Luna Luna Magazine. This essay is part of a longer work, a novelette/collection entitled The Sickness Chronicles. I’m really working on perfecting my craft of the creative nonfiction essay, and it turns out that this form is working well with my vision and sensibilities. I seem to keep writing collections or series of an odd length, such as this collection, running at 34 single-spaced pages, roughly 14,000 words, made up of mostly short texts. I think my influences are mostly Borges, Sontag, and Kierkegaard, among others, add Barthes too.

Here is the link if you’d like to read this latest essay:

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