Tip of tongue to teeth –
No need to speak
Chest rises and falls
Rises and falls
Breathing is all

Stay like this with me
Until the stinging wings
Of the whirring world
Cast our eyes away
From the calm quiet gaze



So I didn’t get either of the two fellowships
I applied for.
What to do now?
I waited. Waited for something.
I didn’t wait for nothing.
Anticipation makes the heart sick,
and kicks you in the butt
when what you waited for
finally does come.
What has come is the fact
that I need to keep on writing
regardless of whether it’s here
or there.
I want to tie my “Myths & Meditations”
together tightly. So tight
that not a loose thread can be found.
So that’s what I’ll do.
I’ll keep on writing until I choke.


Don’t give me a god set in stone –
a feminine figure with the head of a beast –
rigid in form and fantasy.
Give me, instead, a strong young body –
like my own – splendid and swift.
Give me a god I can grapple
with pliant, eager fingers…